Mar 9, 2014

Recommendations for Beginners

Yoga is something I've done off and on for many years. Especially during my pregnancies, I found it helpful when I was no longer comfortable to do more aggressive exercise. It's important for me to be able to get some stretching in at home and have 15-20 minutes morning and/or night to jumpstart my center. I have found that it not only relieves tension, but improves digestion and has eliminated my desire for so much coffee. Don't get me wrong, coffee is fantastic, but I like it with loads of sugar and creamer. That is not a good combination for optimal health.  

I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite Yoga DVD's from Gaiam.

Quick Start Yoga is for mornings when I want a little bit of a workout. Energy Flow is a short segment that awakens you and stretches full body. 

My favorite is Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginners. I have yet to find a routine I like better than the Rejuvenating Yoga segment. It relaxes my mind and helps me to feel alert. It's my favorite morning routine by far - especially on days when I have long photography sessions or know I'm going to be climbing up and down and moving equipment. I'm on the hunt to add some variation.

Have any suggestions? Favorites? I'd love to hear them!

*This is not a sponsored post.

Mar 6, 2014

Get your Votes In!

 The Greenheart Project is an international non-profit organization with offices in Europe and Japan, preparing to build the world’s first fuel-free, container-ready commercial vessels. The small sail-solar ship is specially designed for those who need it most – communities in marginalized coastal areas – and can even serve as a mobile solar power station. The first ship will be built in Chittagong, Bangladesh and launched as early as this year.

It is this project which has propelled a small international team of naval architects, engineers, and laypersons closer to winning a major engineering prize in the Netherlands this month.

The Vernufteling Prize is awarded annually to the initiative that is developing an imaginative project that promises to have significant social and economic impact. Competitors were asked to respond to the challenge of creative ideas that embody the social importance of innovative technology.

But we need your help! Specifically we need your vote. To help us win this prize and gain much needed support to continue with this project please visit the following link and choose ‘AA Planadvies-Groen vrachtschip voor eilandengroep’ from the pull down menu…

To learn more about Greenheart Project visit:

Feb 27, 2014

The Greenheart Project

 Greenheart needs your votes!

What is Greenheart?

Greenheart is an entirely new concept that combines the modern technologies of solar power and satellite communications with the ancient science of sail to produce a cargo ship with no fuel costs and unlimited range that can serve as its own international office. The unique design of this ship enables her to connect the most remote coasts and rivers of the world with the centers of the world's most prosperous cities.

One third of Greenheart's staff/crew will be paid trainees from developing nations, learning the technical and administrative skills useful for launching similar sustainable enterprises in their home waters. By combining both charitable and profitable aspects while embracing the principles of environmental protection, sustainability and Fair Trade, Greenheart will offer a very public model of a self-funding, ethical institution. We hope to inspire people and organizations around the world to re-think the boundaries of business and of international aid.

How can you help?

Help the AA Planadvies earn its votes! We can do this!

1. Go to this site:
2. Choose "AA Planadvies-Groen vrachtschip voor eilandengroep" from the
pull down menu at the top of the page
3. Put in your name and email address
4. Click Stemmen (Vote).
*No need to check any of the boxes there (The page is in Dutch and

Voting is open February 25th to March 15th and we need about 1000

The Vernufteling Prize is awarded annually to the initiative that is
developing an imaginative project that promises to have a significant
social and economic impact. If we win it will give us the wide public
exposure that will propel us to finishing the construction of the boat
and getting more people interested in joining us in changing the
paradigm of shipping and waterway transport.

Drawing upon, and endeavoring to be compatible with, the rich sailing
traditions of coastal communities, Greenheart is working to radically
amplify access to the oceanic commons and distant markets, while
interacting with the environment in a more equitable and just manner.
Greenheart is intentionally open source small-scaled, durable,
adaptable, affordable, energy-efficient, solar/sail cargo ship that is
easy to service and repair. It expects to rearrange the balance of
opportunities among rich and poor by making safe, long distance sea
travel accessible to marginalized and excluded sectors of the world


Stay tuned for an upcoming guest post on the ship itself! I voted - have you?

Feb 4, 2014

Seeing Triangles

I suppose I can admit that I've jumped on the geometric bandwagon. I can't help it that I'm surrounded by such unique and trendy items every day. Not to mention Pinterest bombards me with all the drool-worthy latest trends in home decor. 

The simplest project started with this 80 cent roll of wrapping paper from Target. Ahhhh, Target. I have been avoiding it for many months. It's overpriced in grocery, but oh so tempting! The new Cartwheel app everyone is buzzing about (and a 20% off coupon for the $1 aisle) made it worth a glance. I'm so glad I trolled through the $1 spot and found this:

I needed something to line these drawers with that would protect them from crayons and markers, but at the rate that the liner could be destroyed, I wasn't about to invest. Total investment: 80 cents for 5 drawers and some wrapping to recycled container. The best part is that I have more than 1/2 a roll left to actually wrap gifts, do projects, or line some more drawers!
It's working well. I picked up several more rolls in fun patterns from Goodwill that I will use for dresser drawers in the kids' rooms. 

My bigger, yet still easy, project was my Ikea desk. This simple white desk was an odd size purchased to custom fit what was my closet/office space about 3 years ago. It is no more but the table still remains and she shows definite signs of wear from many craft projects and sessions. The solution? An easy, but fun paint job:

How to: Carefully cut a kitchen sponge in the shape of a triangle using an exacto knife. Dip sponge in paint and apply the shape in the pattern you desire.

This is just a simple acrylic paint that I use on canvas to make paintings or the kids use for crafts. No odor and easily scratch-able. A good coat of poly seals it for longer wear. I have plans for those table legs too... 

I saw this Ikea hack and I love it! The cheap design of these table dressed up with some simple gold spray paint. Just my sort of project! It'll get there one day.

I also have a very large crush on this Isleta duvet set from Anthropologie. I do not, however, love its $100+ price. I think this would make a very easy DIY with a solid duvet, some fabric paint, and a similar process to what I did with my desk. I may give it a try! I do have plans for curtains using that same method.

Bitty had a ball with tiny triangle sponges, painting brown paper from the dollar store. Valentine's Day is around the corner and we've been having a blast doing lots of Valentine-inspired activities. 

I'm sure I will have more to show as I regain my creative spirit. What once was broken is slowly being restored. 

Dec 30, 2013


It's crazy to think that 2013 is almost over! 2014 is truly going to be a new beginning for my little family. It's been a wild ride, but it's time to rebuild, renew, and get back to the things we love. We have had some extraordinary experiences this year!

I saw this beautiful depiction on Pinterest and fell in love. So much so, that it was a Friday reminder. 

It made me think back on the last [almost] 8 years of my life. I've fallen into that category that's 'almost 30.' When I passed 25, I found myself thinking more and more that I'm 'almost 30.' Wow, time flies!

I've made a commitment to myself to do more blogging for my own personal love of it, instead of just because it's what I do. I am so blessed to go to work to a job that I love to support my family, but then work for some really amazing people who "invested in me."

I spend my days working on formatting, compiling numbers for marketing purposes, photographing, creating spreadsheets, writing content, publishing posts and links ... In other words, it's a right-brain thinker's dream. Something I could dare to dream would become reality. It would've called myself a Social Media mogul years ago, but now it's the truth. It's a learning process - a growing process - and it's so much fun. But I want to carve out just a little time that truly is just for fun for me in the blogosphere. I place to boast on my littles, a place to share what I love to pin on Pinterest, and a place to walk us through transition.
So I challenge you to incorporate the above statement into 2014 resolutions. Do what makes your soul happy. Mine is craving hot chocolate. The best hot chocolate in the world, might I add. If you ask him the secret, he says, "milk & 3 scoops of cocoa," but somewhere swimming in all the marshmallows I think it boils down to unconditional love. Not the kind you get from your children because they are the center of the universe, the kind that implants on your soul. The kind that enters your life and chooses you. But true love is another story for another day. Happy Monday Eve, Y'all.