Feb 22, 2011

Lunchskins: A Review


Give yourself a big pat on the back and look at what you’ve saved!

In just one year, our LunchSkins customers have taken a big bite out of landfill and ocean waste. With your purchase and use of LunchSkins, more than 12 million plastic baggies have been saved from the landfill. WOW! We’re on a mission to reduce the number of plastic baggies thrown out. Help us reach our 2011 goal of keeping 100 million plastic baggies out of landfills and waterways. Bag the (plastic) baggies!

Whether you care about our environment, saving money, eating healthy, or looking stylish, LunchSkins are the answer to your plastic baggie blues -- they offer an environmental benefit (reduce landfill waste), a practical benefit (they can be used hundreds of times and save you money over the long run), and a healthy choice (food tastes better in a pastry bag). Welcome to our family!

My Review:

What makes LunchSkins such an obvious eco-friendly choice? You make ONE initial investment, and you NEVER have to purchase throw away lunch baggies or storage bags again! They carry snack, sandwich, and even sub size bags! They come in lots of fun patterns and print for you to choose from. 

Here I'm using the sandwich size bag to carry a lot of Annie's Cheddar Bunnies with me to class. The velcro makes for easy access and these are so easy to clean! This size bag will run you $8.95. Lunchskins are DISHWASHER SAFE and my favorite part: easy to personalize! Use a permanent marker to write your child's name (or yours) on the flap. These are so cute, that this will insure no one picks yours up by mistake. 

LunchSkins are dishwasher safe.  Because of their origins in the food industry, they are very durable and can withstand high heat cleaning. This makes them perfect for repeated use. We recommend that LunchSkins be turned inside-out and washed before first use and, while lightweight and fast-drying, make sure they are dried completely before using with food. They will soften and fade with use and multiple washings - just like a pair of favorite old jeans

I am enjoying the use of my LunchSkins bag and urge you all to check out their website for more information!
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I received this product free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. We love, love, love these! A while ago, I purchased two of the sandwich size and two snack size. They go everywhere with us and we're constantly getting compliments and questions about them!

  2. You can also get these Lunchskin bags from Chartreuse! Starting next week, Chartreuse will sell these in Sandwich size, snack size and SUB size...Finally a reusable lunch bag for the big sandwich!