Feb 27, 2012

DIY Coasters

My next project was another useful but very simple and inexpensive project: coasters! Decorative pieces are few and far between in this house. With B, nothing is safe. So I'm sad to report that there is not ONE coaster in this house that hasn't been lost or broken thanks to the toddler. 

This tutorial from Pinterest was genious! Using 16 cent ceramic tiles from Home Depot and scrapbook paper, I was able to create a coaster for my desk in a pinch!


I changed the steps in the tutorial slightly. I applied Easy Tack spray adhesive to the coaster and put the paper on. Once that dried, I coated the coasters with Modge Podge rather than spray paint. I like the Modge Podge finish, and it makes it somewhat "waterproof."

 They work great and are so simple! I really think these would make cute gifts. I plan to try making some with the kids' photos.

[PS-  the lamp is a DIY from B/Ky's room that's been moved to our living room and this table is undergoing transformation as well!]


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