Feb 29, 2012


Being home for the last week has really given me a chance to tackle projects around the house again and I have had a burst of energy to do so this week.
I plan to FINALLY paint the last wall in our utility room that has remained untouched the last (almost) 2 years.


Because this is white on dirty white, I should've taken a full before shot with stuff cluttering the walls and floors. Oops.
I've had the paint for months (Freshaire paint that was sadly discontinued at our local Home Depot) and have done a lot of work above and around the opposite wall with shelving and paint and decor in my laundry/pantry area. This wall has had no love and has been piled with useless furniture and various hooks holding junk. 
Piece by piece it's being put back together...


This pieces come from Ikea. The Antonius system.


I'm still trying to rearrange things to make it the most functional for me. I moved almost all my linens to the drawers here and swapped extra diapers and toiletry products into the linen closet. When I wash, dry, & fold, I am never changing sheets right then. So to me this was wasted time having to walk so far with these items. Likewise, I was tired of having to go to the laundry room to get another bottle of shampoo when I run out during a shower. So I swapped places, labeled everything and made it more convenient for myself and the kids.


The hall closet still needs some work and I still have hook systems that need to go back up on the wall for B's coats and things. I haven't formulated an idea as to how those will look yet however. After all the work to putty, sand, and paint, I want to make sure I get it right to avoid doing it again!
This has been a big part of my last couple of days as well as planning one last trip to swoop up a few things that Ky will need before she can come home.



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