Feb 14, 2012

"S" Hooks

I discovered these fabulous simple hooks at the hardware store. It's hard to believe something simple (and CHEAP!) has been such a help to us on an organization level!
I use these metal/wire racks in both the utility/laundry room of the house and in my home office for a lot of different things. They hold a lot of weight and provide options for stacking that no other "system" has provided for less than $50. I use to think that thrift stores offered great finds all the time, but lately the finds have been fewer and farther between.
You can find these "S" hooks for 98 cents at your local Home Depot in small packs. I used the large ones for various odd things (my level and breakfast tray) that I didn't want B to get ahold of but still need easy access to. The smaller hooks were perfect for reusable bags holding various items and my small basket for reusable swiffer cloths. It's the small things you know....

I guess you can say I've hit the "nesting" stage.

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