Mar 17, 2012

Cabinet Overhaul

Part of a spring cleaning ritual should be cleaning out your cabinets. Apparently this is something I forgot to do last year, or maybe I just needed a good lesson in reading expiration dates. 

Throwing out an $8 bag of coffee I never opened was not a happy thing to do. I should make it a habit to check my cabinets and pantry space at least twice per year to see what's expiring when. It's like throwing cash straight in the trash and that is no good! I feel quite discouraged about the amount things I found, but I did also try to put together a small pile of things to take to the Food Bank that way I wasn't just throwing out things, but giving some of my stockpile (thank you, coupons) of nonperishables to a good cause. I also got out my menu planning pad and started reworking this week's menu to accommodate things expiring soon.

Inspired by this post at IHeart Organizing, I got to work on purging things this evening and even took advantage of the FREE printable labels that Jen shared with us. [Thank you, Xyron create-a-sticker!]


A glimpse of the finished product:


It's not Pinterest worthy, for sure, but the labels work fantastic thanks to the "sticky" adhesive and since I already had all of the bins, the cost was FREE.
I love free organizing!


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