Mar 5, 2012

The First Year

I got a new tool this week! I can't tell you how COOL I thought it was that I found this Palm Sander on sale at Harbor Freight (less than $15). There are so many pieces in this house that could use a facelift - especially considering most pieces come from thrift stores and yard sales. I have attempted many DIY projects that could've been transformed with a better sanding job. Now I FINALLY have the proper equipment to get these done quickly and evenly!

I am building and adding to my current toolbox steadily as I clean out and organize our outside shed. If you are an avid crafter, I highly recommend adding one of these inexpensive tools to your collection. Oh the possibilities! I'll have to reveal my progress and my much more functional storage shed soon!

This project is inspired by this {pictured above} Pinterest posting. I fell in love with the frame and the simplicity of hemp string, thumbtacks, and clothespins.
My thought?
What a unique way to display Ky's first year in photographs!
I found this great frame at Goodwill for $1. I almost hated to sand it and rough it up because it was so nice for an oversized photograph! BUT I needed something for this project.
 {I don't know what is wrong with this photo. After 5 different uploads, it's still uploading sideways}

I spray painted the frame with white paint and then used my electric sander on the dry paint to rough it up. I think it adds a sort of antique look or old feel. I love it!

This project has taken me close to a week to finish because I had such a hard time finding THUMBTACKS! Who would've thought thumbtacks are hard to find?! You can find pushpins in all colors shapes and sizes, but your regular, inexpensive thumbtack is really hard to come by.

Walmart had them finally, and I chose some cloth string I had on hand from If You Care.
I saw these adorable MINI clothespins at Walmart and I'm glad I chose these vs. using the regular size. My frame was not large enough in the end.

The end result:
I would like to eventually find a cute way to put "1 month, 2 month" or the numbers on the pins for each month's black and white. I was also thinking some small wooden letters stained with coffee (for a rustic look) that spells out "First Year" would be really cute added along the top.
It may happen.
For Now, I'm really excited about the outcome of this Pinterest inspired project!


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