Mar 16, 2012

Knob Perks

So this really wasn't inspired by anything, except that I've found this OLD bookcase to be an eyesore since J moved it into our office.

It's his from childhood and being that it's not something we bought together, the odds have been against me in being able to do anything to change it.

Until now.

I hate those knobs. They are just B-O-R-I-N-G in what is an otherwise loud and colorful room. I've been dying to change them.

Hobby Lobby clearanced out an entire aisle of goodies for 90% off! That is unheard of! I browsed the bins and shelves very closely for any goodies and that's when I spotted these "J" knobs for just 40 cents each!

I think it's a very cute touch with this being full of childhood mementos and favorite books.

If only he'd let me paint this bookcase white and distress it for an antique look! It would look so chic!

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