Mar 5, 2012

Monday Updates

I veered away from craft projects for a few days to do some sprucing around the house. I got really frustrated when I couldn't find all of my tools in one place to work on some of my latest projects...

Like the frame pictured here. 

So I pulled out ALL of my tools from the shed, my indoor toolbox, and two totes on the porch.
And here's a pictorial view of what I worked on...

Thicker curtains (like valences) changed out to purple sheers. Not sure if they will stay.

99 cent pillows. J's favorites.

Finally decided on hook placement for my previous fixtures. Our hooks hung hire --- B and Ky hung at toddler level.

Also working on the "pet station" area. I hope to have some more finished Pinterest projects to show you after naptime. :-)


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