Mar 20, 2012

New Storage

This week must have been the week of spring cleaning! I have been amazed at the amount of storage accessories people have been throwing out! Personally, I've been going room to room consolidating, switching containers around to make "matching" sets and trying to repurpose things to work for us in new ways.
Others must be doing the same because our Goodwill has been brimming with some FANTASTIC storage/decorative finds!
I'm going to do a walk through of some changes I've made...


B's room has changed "directions" three times in the last week. I can't seem to get satisfied with how things are positioned in these tiny rooms.
[Side note - it seems the bigger Ky gets the more claustrophobic I get all the way around!]

Thus far, I am liking this layout the best because B's room feels much larger. Moving the dresser off this wall opened up his floor and now he can use both sides of the train table.
B's new shelves:
B has a "nightstand" now created from clearanced cubes at Target (about $4.50). I got lucky to find these last two and the blue works well with all this Thomas things.

I've got to do something to get more of his books back into his room as well as more of his toys since there will now be baby gear and TWO separate sets of toys in our tiny living room.


B's dresser is now on this wall with a perfect (but tight) fit. I plan to measure to see if I could attach these spice racks to the side of the dresser for more book storage. Very cool idea.

 I started on the "shelving" aspect above the dresser thanks to all that fantastic storage at the thrift store this week! I've also been rearranging and repurposing artwork/frames from around the house.
(see below)
I pulled Ky's crib to the center of the wall hoping to feel more inspired to do something in the way of artwork above the crib. No ideas yet.

 I hated the previous bin that was holding diapers here... 

Didn't match at all.

I've switched out some bins in Ky's room by pulling bins from around the house to add that wood look.

This simple peg rack was one of my exciting storage finds. All it needed was a magic eraser and some super glue for extra hold and I got a place to hold my breast pump and some other things for Ky in otherwise wasted space.

Other cool finds... Three drawer scrapbook storage, a large sterilite basket for small appliances, a NWT rubbermaid white shelf (for a closet organizing system), a NWT St. Patty's day chalkboard (from Target via Goodwill) that will be a gift for J's birthday, etc.
His desk area is waaaaay too cluttered. I've been pulling bins out of the stash I've collected around the house and using them to consolidate. He keeps all packaging for everything that he buys and likes to keep everything on display. I'm trying to remedy this! Some scrapbook paper to some Ikea cardboard storage is helping.

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