May 3, 2012

Headboard DIY

I saw a fantastic tutorial for a headboard using foam board on Pinterest and because it seemed like such a budget friendly option that is also interchangeable, I've been dying to try it. Here's the before of our bed:

AKA - no headboard. Just a reasonable size collage frame that didn't look too great with our Queen size bed.

I used to have a headboard with foam board that looked like this - 

We loved this. I ditched it last spring and I wish I hadn't. Although, I would've hung it lower to make it look more like the headboad instead of wall art. But it was still fun.

Out with the old, in with the new...
A queen size bed will require 3 foam board panels - About $6 at Walmart.

You'll want to tape these together front and back.
And then I used some quilter's batting for padding. (About $4 for 45x60")

Then just wrap your fabric around the batting and staple to the back! Use a couple of small nails to secure to the wall.
I found my fabulous designer's fabric at Hancock. They're having great sales right now and I could've easily spent all day there. A lot of their designer fabric remnants were marked to $5 p/yd (orig. $14.99 +) and I just loved this pattern and coral color.

This type of headboard would be easy to switch out if you don't go crazy with the staples because you can remove one piece of fabric and add another. You could easily get several pieces together to match with different duvet covers, etc.

I have a vision for a burlap wrapped headboard with black stenciling. I may get there someday, but for now, I am enjoying this fun print. 

I am not, however, enjoying the pattern overload! Ick.

- change duvet to grey
-find bedskirt to match
-yarn lampshades
-find chunkier lamp bases and paint
-make some throw pillows and/or find coordinating pillowcases

Clearly I've got my work cut out for me here.

Starting with switching back to my organic cotton grey duvet...

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