May 2, 2012

Sewing Room Updates

I had an hour today to myself while both kids were sleeping. This is so rare! I used the time to tackle a mess in my sewing/office desk closet. Projects have been piling up and supplies were everywhere. 

I purchased this Rubbermaid can sorter shelf several months ago at VV for only $1.16. It's been hanging out without purpose until now. I hang it up next to my desk and utilized wall space to corral fabric sprays, modge podge, and frequently used bottles of craft supplies. I love it and it keeps everything icky out of reach of the children!

It's conveniently hidden behind the jewelry holder I use for more packaging and business supplies.

And something else I am really excited about is my new postal scale! No more loss of money on shipping! I am the worst at guessing shipping costs and have eaten more money than I care to think about by miscalculating. Thanks to Amazon, I should have this straight from now on.

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