Jun 25, 2012

Summer Travel

My family doesn't travel much. With two small children, it's hard to travel long distances and have them be comfortable. Of course, we only recently purchased a large enough vehicle to really be comfortable riding. I have been dying to travel somewhere this summer, if even only for a weekend. I've been doing a lot of online browsing for travel agents, hot destinations, daily deals, etc.
There are a lot of local things to do such as zoos, waterparks, family farms, movies in the park, and so on. Zicasso is one source that can help you plan your perfect vacation. I personally have been dying to visit the beach. I grew up near the beach and miss it terribly. Usually we go to Atlantic Beach around the last week of July. This year I'm planning to make it just for the weekend. 

Here are some tips I found for travelling with little ones.
-Let them out every 2-3 hours to stretch their arms & legs
-Pack a grab bag of little toys to keep them entertained
-Pack some snacks & drinks so you don't have to stop frequently if their hungry
-Play some games. 
I've been doing some research on travel games and ideas for grab bag toys. I've started a small bucket just for B. Fortunately, Ky is so young she should sleep most of the way. It's a 6 hour drive so hopefully we will only have to stop once. 

Where are you planning to visit this summer?

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