Jun 11, 2012

Upcycled Shelves

It's been 2 weeks of progress, but I FINALLY finished my shelving in the office.

The walls around the elliptical in the office were blank. 
I discovered this magical bin of leftover wood scraps at Home Depot. Perhaps you all know of it? I only discovered it a couple of weeks ago and boy was I excited! 51 cents for 2x4's and pieces like these that were the PERFECT size for shelving! I matched 3 pieces with a random white closetmaid shelf hanging out in my laundry room. I painted them all white and even though they don't go together necessarily, they somehow work for me. Of course, most everything you see around my home is old, vintage, secondhand, upcycled, refinished, or handmade. So the shelves are pretty fitting with what I do.
I pulled baskets from around the house and stashed sewing supplies, paint, stains, and my handmade pieces selling on Etsy. A few trinkets are thrown in here or there.
And the corkboard that had no purpose, hiding amongst piles and piles of crafts is now my inspiration board. It holds paint samples, magazine clippings, etc.
And totally unrelated, I figured out how to "hang" my Bosu. Oh how happy I am to have that up off the floor.

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