Aug 14, 2012

Updates from the Studio

I've been working on a lot of projects around the house & despite no longer having an actual studio space, I have been painting again!
Coffee Table in progress...
Adorable rustic side table ...
Side table finish
Step up vintage side table

The coolest addition over here is not one of my creations, it's a cabinet.
I have been dying to work on storage in my laundry. I have this "L" shape section without cabinetry or built in shelving. It has an awkward window and the fuse box taking up valuable pantry real estate. Up until a few days ago, I had an ugly 4 shelf plastic unit in this space. The shelves were sagging in the middle from weight, the fuse box couldn't be reached because it was covered, and it was just an eye sore overall. In my head, I was picturing kitchen cabinetry in this section so that I could store drygoods and laundry supplies I have in here. I have had no luck in finding a full "L" shape section, but I did find this gorgeous cabinet on CL. The nice woman came half price & even delivered. So (Thanks, Mom!) I couldn't pass this up. In this one short cabinet, I can store MORE food and juices than I could on that 4 shelf unit! And I got to move the shelving to the carport for paint and smaller items for sale. I'm so excited about it. Now I don't see an overflow of pastas, cereals, and juices first thing because it's behind these doors. Hopefully I will find another cabinet for the other side. 

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